Japan's New 3GeV Synchrotron Radiation Facility
is now underconstrution aiming to open in 2024

as a Heart of Innovation Ecosystem

Enlighten the Nano Universe
to Drive a Sustainable World

NanoTerasu is being constructed through a Public-Private Regional Partnership.
The national representative is National Institutes for Quantum Science and Technology QST.
The private and regional partners are the Photon Science Innovation Center PhoSIC (representative organization), Miyagi Prefecture, Sendai City, Tohoku University, and the Tohoku Economic Federation.

National representative

QSTNational Institutes for
Quantum Science and Technology

  • 3 National Beamlines
  • Accelerator
  • Public BeamTime Management
  • Creation of Novel Research Seeds
web site (Japanese)

Private & Reginal representative

PhoSIC Photon Science Innovation Centers

  • 7 Coalition Beamlines
  • Main Building, Air & Coolant Conditioning, Electric Supply etc.
  • Coalition BeamTime Management
  • Organization of needs to solve social issues
web site (Japanese)

2023 NanoTerasu Open Day

2023 Open Day

2023 G7 仙台 科学技術大臣会合

2023 G7 仙台 科学技術大臣会合 <br>推進協力委員会特設サイト